Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random update of last two weeks.

I hope I didnt break santa's leg. This is the only way Alli would go near him. I only have two more weeks til D day. Im very excited to be done and have my two girls.

Im craving Jamba so that has become a treat for both Alli and I.
The cup is almost as big as her!
My awesome friend Kate who put on an amazing shower for me. I got great gifts and ate good food with fun friends!
Thanks Kate! You are a great friend.

Alli adores her Katie. Kate has been helping me a lot with her while Im on the final two weeks til Nora! They dance, sing and chase each other. Whenever I say "Kate" she wigs and starts saying "Play" Play" Play".

Saturday, November 22, 2008

little update

Alli's newest funnies:

"holy cow"
"I dont know"

She loves playing with cousin pipey and her sister lexi. they are both twelve but she wants to hang in that crowd. You two better be good examples to my two year old. hold to the rod girls!!!!

Different note, thanks to all the amazing help from the relief society. once nora is born i need to step up my game and give back. We are truly blessed to have women that are willing to help our families!

For anyone that did not get an invite to my shower you are invited. my list of addresses was lost and i know it is an odd time in the season but i'm grateful to those who can make it. hope to see your faces!

Here is the invite for those of you who didn't get it! Kate's address is blurred out so leave a comment if you need the address and directions and we'll get it to you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pre term labor

The reason i have not posted in a couple weeks is I have been dealing with Alli figuring out that a baby is coming and that her world is about to be different. I have finished my nursery and Alli is now in a big girl bed. She will stay there til 2-3 in the morning then she is pulling my hair at the side of the bed to get in with me. Also, I thought pre term labor would escape me this time but it seems both of my babies want out too early. I went to the hospital on monday night. I was having 3 contractions per 10 minutes. ouch! So they gave me two shots of trebutaline and sent me home 6 hours later. now i have to take it easy which Im not good at and take the trebutaline when contractions start. Ill try and keep up with blogging but when I am feeling good I have other things I need to do before my sweet babe comes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun project day and fun with cousins

Santa asked me to repaint this kitchen that Alli adores!
Alli picked this outfit herself and who am i to tell her no on this one? wow! nice socks Alli!
Shaelie and Alli on the tramp. They love it, and each other most of the time........

What the kitchen looked like pre paint. It was ugly!!!

Little smooch to my favorit gal!!
Alli wanted to help but ended up with quite a bit on herself. Cant stop a natural artist i guess.
Ta Da!!!

Alli and Shaelie

Alli is my little performer. Always has been. As some of you witnessed she has been singing since birth. It definatly does not come from me.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harvest, canning and fun

Uncle Mike, Grandma Weetzi, and Dad

Alli watering flowers and drinking the water!!

Grandpa aka "Papa" and Alli. She sure loves her papa!!
Alli is soooo pretty. Just had to post this one.

Grapes for grape juice that is delicious!!!!!

As you can see this was Alli's entertainment while the grapes were going. It was a treat to get out as you can imagine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One more week!

Im leaving this blog for one more week for your emails! Please get them to me!!!!

Im 29 yrs old! Yikes!!

Our resort in Sedona!
Alli and I out for a night swim. And lets all keep in mind Im seven months preg not fat!

About to take the plunge!!!

Our view from our room! So pretty!!!

So im 29 and wondering where its gone. Im about to have two kids and still feel 20-25 ish! Do I have to act grown up or can I stay silly and wild? Ive tried both but somehow babies make you grow up, start going to bed earlier and im worried about nap time and how many fruits and veggies Alli has eaten instead of where my next wild fun adventure may be. Hmmm, I guess Ill grow up like everybody else but I cant guarentee Ill act my age, its just not in me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Check Me Out!

I just updated my blog with a new look and now I've decided to go private, so I need everyone's email addresses so I can make sure all of you can still check in. Please leave me a comment with your email address so I can collect all of them and add you to the blog!

Also, I just started making and selling custom crocheted baby blankets and dresses. I'm setting up a blog to post my work and will be updating it soon! Come on over and check it out! Mini Finny Designs.

Be patient with me and my new domestimications!

I'm feeling good, Alli is good and quickly approaching the "terrible twos" but I guess I can't complain because she's been an absolute angel to this point! I hope new little Nora (oh yeah, now I can tell you it's a girl! James now knows) doesn't send Alli over the edge! (Or me!)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Update on our doings

We have been really busy the last two weeks since we have been home. We have not done anything to exciting just normal things like play play play and going with Jen to get hair cuts for the boys and Alli. It is so nice to have space to play and get back on a normal schedule.
Im feeling good these days. Im 22 weeks now and not to big but I know from last time that the last couple months can pack it on. Alli is aware that there is a baby but if you ask her if its a "sister" she says "ya" and if you ask her if its a "brother" she says "ya" so Im a little unaware of how much she really knows or understands.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Remember Jeff always

Nana, Grandpa, Alli and I went to visit Jeff during the time we were in Moses Lake. Its very surreal to think he is gone. I do know, and take comfort, that he watches out for all of us that know and love him. I hope that through stories and taking Alli to the semetery that she will know her "uncle Jeffy".

Ice blocking

This was very fun! I haven't done this since mutual, and we all know that was a long time ago. James says its just something I heard they did. Alli loved it and it wore everyone out running up and down the hill!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Finnegan Its a ??????????

James is waiting to be suprised so call me and Ill tell you the sex!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Alli and I before church. We dont always look as great after!

The deck is finished!

The deck that James rebuilt did not get completly stained. It has been looking half done for a couple months now. So with nothing else to do I busted out the stain and brushes and went to town. It looks gorgeous finished and with all the flowers on it. Im pretty proud of myself, it was my first deck project!


Inca is the best Mexican food ever. Alli loves the salsa. She will eat a whole bowl herself. A lot ends up on her!

mmmm delicious!