Saturday, November 22, 2008

little update

Alli's newest funnies:

"holy cow"
"I dont know"

She loves playing with cousin pipey and her sister lexi. they are both twelve but she wants to hang in that crowd. You two better be good examples to my two year old. hold to the rod girls!!!!

Different note, thanks to all the amazing help from the relief society. once nora is born i need to step up my game and give back. We are truly blessed to have women that are willing to help our families!

For anyone that did not get an invite to my shower you are invited. my list of addresses was lost and i know it is an odd time in the season but i'm grateful to those who can make it. hope to see your faces!

Here is the invite for those of you who didn't get it! Kate's address is blurred out so leave a comment if you need the address and directions and we'll get it to you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pre term labor

The reason i have not posted in a couple weeks is I have been dealing with Alli figuring out that a baby is coming and that her world is about to be different. I have finished my nursery and Alli is now in a big girl bed. She will stay there til 2-3 in the morning then she is pulling my hair at the side of the bed to get in with me. Also, I thought pre term labor would escape me this time but it seems both of my babies want out too early. I went to the hospital on monday night. I was having 3 contractions per 10 minutes. ouch! So they gave me two shots of trebutaline and sent me home 6 hours later. now i have to take it easy which Im not good at and take the trebutaline when contractions start. Ill try and keep up with blogging but when I am feeling good I have other things I need to do before my sweet babe comes.