Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fun project day and fun with cousins

Santa asked me to repaint this kitchen that Alli adores!
Alli picked this outfit herself and who am i to tell her no on this one? wow! nice socks Alli!
Shaelie and Alli on the tramp. They love it, and each other most of the time........

What the kitchen looked like pre paint. It was ugly!!!

Little smooch to my favorit gal!!
Alli wanted to help but ended up with quite a bit on herself. Cant stop a natural artist i guess.
Ta Da!!!

Alli and Shaelie

Alli is my little performer. Always has been. As some of you witnessed she has been singing since birth. It definatly does not come from me.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harvest, canning and fun

Uncle Mike, Grandma Weetzi, and Dad

Alli watering flowers and drinking the water!!

Grandpa aka "Papa" and Alli. She sure loves her papa!!
Alli is soooo pretty. Just had to post this one.

Grapes for grape juice that is delicious!!!!!

As you can see this was Alli's entertainment while the grapes were going. It was a treat to get out as you can imagine.