Monday, February 18, 2008

Our little apartment in Southlake Texas

This is our apartment in South lake Texas. South lake is right outside of Dallas. James works here quite a bit so the company is paying for an apartment when we are here. We still have our home in Phoenix but needed a place to stay instead of a hotel. Alli has been a huge trooper and is always happy. The people here are so so nice. It is almost freaky how nice. All of the apartment furnishings were donated by the great people here. We have not had to buy a thing! It is not exactly what I would pick but I am very grateful to not have to pay to furnish two homes. We will probably be in Texas for three weeks out of month for about a year. We went to our new ward yesterday and again EVERYONE was soooo nice. I told my mom Im going to have to take it up a few notches..hehe

Alli's first birthday!

Sorry these are late and that I have not responded to everyones comments. My 2008 has been extremely busy and I have not stopped. Alli had a great birthday with her family and few friends. By the end of the night she and everyone else was overwhelmed as seen in the picture of the kids. I have been thinking of everyone and hope all is well, especially my pregnant friends, Korbi and Bethany.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Vegas again! The cutest park!!

This park was so cute. It had a stage that Alli couldn't get enough of, a bunch of slides, an Alice in Wonderland grass maze, and water features. It was to cold for that but still awesome. The outdoor mall that this was at also has my new favorite store. It is called H&M. Kellie and Bart took us there and the next day when James was at work I went again! The night some of these were taken we went to dinner with my cousin Bart, his wife Kellie and their two boys, Jackson and Carter. Kellie and I went shopping. They are such fun people. And for the record everyone, Kellie is as funny as Bart if not more. Hehe And yes I know one of these is sideways! I still don't know how to fix it! So just bend your head!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fun on my slide

Yes she is only one. My nephews gave us this slide and I thought that it would be months before she would figure it out. I was wrong. I left the room came back to her screaming and standing on the top of it. Once I taught her to go down she hasn't stopped ( not even when naked ). Between chasing her in church and this I cant leave her alone. Today I took her to the park to expel some of her energy and hopefully that will work.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Alli's 1st Birthday!!!

One year ago my little groundhog peaked her head out and decided it was spring! This year however the groundhog said NO WAY! So six more weeks of winter. Sorry to all the Northwest and Utah family! As for Alli's day James was not here so next weekend will be the celebration. I hope this does not leave long term scars. I felt bad and got her a cupcake for after dinner so Ill show those pictures a bit later. Stay tuned...........