Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jen's house!!

Between our favorite cousin Piper and all the boys toys, aunt Jen's house is the best!!!! Piper is such a fun girl. Alli jumps right out of my arms and into hers whenever we see her. Thanks for letting us play your WII while we were there!

time flies

I was just sitting here looking at pictures and saw these and started to wonder where my baby went! Everyone told me that time flies but I thought they were all crazy. Alli has been the most amazing baby! She has barely cried, slept through the night since two months and is such a smart funny girl. She makes me laugh everyday! The reason behind these comments is she is almost one. She will be on Feb 2nd! I cant believe it! This has been the best year of my life!! Thanks Alli!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reasons to visit Vegas

1. Phantom of the Opera
2.Great people watching
3.Water ballet at Bellagio and amazing Christmas wonderland inside.
4.The Cowboy Christmas convention. Bart and Kelly invited us. My biggest wish for this was an Elephant ear; They did not have them. However, James and I registered to win a horse carrier!!! We could sure use one!!
5.Bart and Kelly live there! They are sooo fun.
6.You dont have to pay anything to see a great show from Jackson using Kelly's furniture as a prop. The finale is the falling of the angel from the top of the tree!! Its awesome!!
7.Bart and Kelly will take you to a mall that doesnt have any water, bathrooms or food!!
8.On every corner they hand out free trading cards.
9.Vegas makes you grateful for your normal life!
10.Shopping! They have great stores!


These pictures are from our trip to Vegas! We met up with Bart and Kelly and Carter.(Jackson was with his Grandma and Grandpa.)
We went to the Bellagio's winter wonderland, the water feature, and Phantom.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Corn on the cobb

She wont eat it unless it is on the cobb. Alli is such a cool kid. She does something new and funny everyday!!

Temple lights

James and I took Alli to the Temple lights. I wanted to put her on one of the sheep in the nativity but James wouldnt let me.

Christmas outfit

Nanna gave Alli this outfit and she looked so cute in it!!


Parker, Camry and Natalie came over to Dan and Sheila's house to visit. Alli and I had not seen Natty since she was new new new. She is soo cute!!! It was good to see them all doing so well.


Grandma Weetzi gave Alli this hat and she kept it on all the time. She is watching baby einstein for the 500th time. Ahhh! I cant wait for Christmas when she is getting a couple new ones!!


This is Alli's scary face she makes when you say "cheese". She already is a total ham!!!


This is a picture taken of Alli and her Grammy in Seattle. We had fun eating lunch at Nordstrom Cafe'.