Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One more week!

Im leaving this blog for one more week for your emails! Please get them to me!!!!

Im 29 yrs old! Yikes!!

Our resort in Sedona!
Alli and I out for a night swim. And lets all keep in mind Im seven months preg not fat!

About to take the plunge!!!

Our view from our room! So pretty!!!

So im 29 and wondering where its gone. Im about to have two kids and still feel 20-25 ish! Do I have to act grown up or can I stay silly and wild? Ive tried both but somehow babies make you grow up, start going to bed earlier and im worried about nap time and how many fruits and veggies Alli has eaten instead of where my next wild fun adventure may be. Hmmm, I guess Ill grow up like everybody else but I cant guarentee Ill act my age, its just not in me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Check Me Out!

I just updated my blog with a new look and now I've decided to go private, so I need everyone's email addresses so I can make sure all of you can still check in. Please leave me a comment with your email address so I can collect all of them and add you to the blog!

Also, I just started making and selling custom crocheted baby blankets and dresses. I'm setting up a blog to post my work and will be updating it soon! Come on over and check it out! Mini Finny Designs.

Be patient with me and my new domestimications!

I'm feeling good, Alli is good and quickly approaching the "terrible twos" but I guess I can't complain because she's been an absolute angel to this point! I hope new little Nora (oh yeah, now I can tell you it's a girl! James now knows) doesn't send Alli over the edge! (Or me!)