Friday, May 1, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Updated pics of Nora!

She is smiling and trying so hard to talk. She has such a cute, sweet spirit.
This bow came from friends in Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas!

Pneumonia in da house!

This is my "nory" after her oxygen was taken off. Even though she had her lungs deep suctioned every couple hours, had an IV in her hand and nurses poking at her every two seconds she still wanted to smile! She is such a joy to have! i love my Nora! Thank you to all that prayed for her while she was in the hospital this last weekend!
All the stuff.
Alli also had pneumonia but found a good way to cure herself. Also, Alli is in a no clothes stage and I dont care as long as we are at home. While Alli was sick she lost two pounds and as you can see needs to eat more ice cream.

My house has become a toy chest!

This is the side of the nursery that Nora is suppose to have but as you can see it is the castles spot. This castle was given to us and will soon end up on the street with a "take me please!!" sign on it.

Everywhere we go we have to take Jessie, bear , and baby. Sometimes just to get out of the house I have to pack the stroller for these members of our family!
This was a coat closet at one point but coats really dont happen in the Az so a toy room it is!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Disneyland!! So fun

Me and my girls. Nora is in the pouch under the blanket. She was a champ the whole trip!
Both girls asleep. Disneyland wore us out!
Alli, Woody and Nemo.
Tea cups! Love em'
This is the stroller I was sporting. It was super heavy and at some points I had Nora on my chest and Alli and Ashlie in the stroller headed up hills. I got a great workout!!!
Another sleepy girl!
Alice in wonderland caterpillar ride!
My loves first Disney experience!
We did Its a small world at least five times and Alli new all the words. Dang cute!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

For Nana, Aunt Jen, and Aunt Julie

My little Nora has been smiling and talking up a storm for the last week. She is now five weeks old! Both my girls have had serious personalities very early. if anyone remembers Alli use to sing her little heart out at three months. Nora is not there yet but she will talk and grunt and smile as long as your talking to her.
Where did this dimple come from? I love it. It is so cute!!!!!!
Are these eyes gorgeous or what? And those lips. I just want to kiss them all day!!!

Phoenix zoo

Its hard to see but these orangutans were playing hide and seek under this sheet. I thought the zoo was suppose to be a replica of their habitat. I guess I did not know they had linens in the wild. Oh! I almost forgot; If anyone takes their little ones to the zoo the small monkeys are NAUGHTY!!!! I was holding Alli and two tiny monkeys were within arms distance looking at us when all of a sudden the one decided to get crazy! My friend Liz and I started laughing and I just told Alli the one was giving the other a piggy back ride! Why couldnt they just eat bugs out of each others hair or something???
All Alli had to say about this was "hmmm neck". That about summed up her excitement for these guys.
My husband is always telling me that flamingos are pink because they eat so much shimp. I did not see anywhere for them to get shrimp and no one was serving shrimp cocktails. Anyone know the truth????? And where do they hide their other leg?
Alli wanted to climb all the fences to get a better look at the zebras she calls horses.
The zoo was totally fun. I have lived in Phx for ten years and have not been before. Its no San Diego zoo but with my lack of knowlege of wildlife Ill start here then move up.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The big 2!!!!!

Alli turned 2 on Feb. 2nd. I cant believe it!!!!!! She was soo happy and we all had so much fun. Usually its not that fun for the adults but I think we all had just as much fun.
Alli, Nora and I. Nora slept through the whole party.
Lexi, Alli and Ashlie. When Alli went to blow out the candle she wasnt quite sure what we were saying so she stuck her finger in the flame! Luckily she didnt get hurt but we all gasped!!!!!
Excited about her presents.

Our great friends and family.
Mr. Bently. He is in Alli's nursery class and is dang cute.
The cake. Alli loves littlest pet shops.
Yes she is two and the binky is still around!! Any suggestions. And dont tell me to cut them cause that just pisses her off.
Angelina Alli lips!

Alli's princess chair. Thanks Grandma Weetzi
The entertainment. We bought this at our neighbors and is now a permanent fixture in our home!