Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fun day!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Im almost 1!!!!!

Alli is almost one! Her birthday comes the day before the big Super Bowl! I hope she enjoys that when older! I cant wait to post her shoving cake in her mouth! She is so stinking cute!

Bloging idiot!

I cant figure out how to rotate these!!!! But to explain these it appears as if my family likes to wear shoes and socks with work out shorts and no pants while driving. Its odd I know. I do try to dress them nice but sometimes this is the outcome! oh well!

Fun lunch with my Moses girls and kin

Bethany, Roman, Korbi, Beck, Steph, Carson, Shaelie, Alli, and I decided to brave lunch at the famous INCA! My girls Bethany and Korbi are adding to the group. They are both expecting their second babies! Not fair! you both look great!

Three kids under three!!! AHHHHHH

My mom is in town and wanted to go shopping! Not wanting to pass this up we had to take my sister Jen's twin boys!! This meant three car seats, three kids that mess their pants, three sippy cups, and three mess makers. All in all they were all angels and we did actually get to shop! Luke sang songs to "Baby Adi" and Daniel slept!

Alli's first harvest

This is Alli and Grampys first harvest together! Alli was a hard worker! She ate wrenches and stole potatoes. I attribute her good health to the dirt she ate that built up her immunity. Some docters might dissagree.

cutest hat! cutest baby!

I found this at a local boutique and Alli had to have it! HEHE I had to have it! Needless to say I wont let her take it off!! Even while watching Finding Nemo and eating snacks that are disguised as popcorn.

Diet coke and blogging

Oh my gosh! Im so excited I finally get to have a couple minutes to blogy blog and drink my nectar !!! Alli wants to sit on my lap and pound on the keyboard which makes even checking my email hard! Im going to use this as an excuse that my blog does not look as good as most of yours!!!! Or your kids are just more obedient!?

Friday, January 25, 2008

oh ya!

Oh and I forgot the part where i ran my dads truck into a ditch and in the same night had to call poison control because Alli ate some berries off one of my moms ferns. Luckily both events turned out ok. She didnt get sick and my uncle Lamar towed us out of the ditch! Good times!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crazy two weeks

I dont have the pictures from this last two weeks. However, stay tuned because they are a plenty.
James, Alli, and I have been on the constant move since the New Year. James grandmother passed away in Anaconda Montana. We flew there where we were met by most of his family. It was a beautiful service. James sister and her kids were there so we ended up staying for a whole week and playing with them.
From Montana James headed to Dallas for work and Alli and I went to Nana and Grampys for so r&r. Lots happened in Moses Lake! Nana fell on the ice and was taken to the hospital. Luckily no stitches were needed! The next day half of Nanas tooth came off and my dad ran into a metal catwalk with his face and was all bloody!!! They were not doing so well. And on top of all this I had to sleep sitting up with Alli because she was sick!!! Her being sick is not something Im use to, she has been soooo health thus far! Thank goodness!
From there we flew home to Phoenix with my parents to help Jen, Larry and family move into their new beautiful home! It has taken three years to finish and they are soo excited to move. Their other home got to small real fast as soon as the twins were born.
As for Alli and I today we are hanging out in our own home with our own toys and own beds. We have been away for over two weeks and I just want to chill. Alli is still in her diaper and I in my pjs. There is nothing like your own home and own stuff. Being away makes me very grateful.
Next up on our list is miss Alli Grace b-day!!!!! She got so many toys for Christmas that Im not sure what to get her. Im sure Ill find something! Stay tuned for pics of cake all over her!!!!