Friday, April 25, 2008

Fun times with Natti Davis

Parker and Camery came to visit with their cutie patootie. The last time we saw her she was two or three months old. Now she is almost eight? I think. She and Alli played and miss Nattie can do a mean army crawl. Its pretty funny!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

lots of fun in moses lake!!!

Play pick up rocks with grandpa.

Play with uncle Jeffs tractor!
Run around in the grass!

Eat candy that grandma gives us!

Shop at Nordstroms! It is by far one of my favorite places on earth!
nana's flowers

Monday, April 21, 2008


Alli and I I here in Washington and here are some updates:
1.Mom is doing really well after lapband surgery and has lost 10 pounds already!!
2. Alli has played everyday with her cousins shaelie and Carson and the other night with Mandys kids.
3.I have gotten to hang out with Steph, who I adore, but also Mandy who has been in town for the same week. We, growing up, use to play all the time. They only lived two miles from us. Mandy use to scare Steph and I so bad by playing horrible pranks on us. Looking back its funny but at time we were terrified!!
4. Alli loves to go farming with Grandpa Piper and ride around in his truck.
5.Nana gave Alli a ton of new clothes. I mean a ton! Awesome!!!!
6. Alli and I helped Nana plant her infamous flower pots. Alli took all the name tags out of the containers so who knows what they will look like when they bloom..??
7. We got to see Camery, Parker and nattie. nattie is so cute, getting so big, and has a kung fu grip. Oh! and she will be walking so early.....

These are just a few fun things. We have been around the house a lot to take care of our shrinking nana so stay tuned for more fun.....

To be a kid....

Shaelie helping Alli on the tramp.

Resting her cute feet.
Fun day at the park!!

We love our cousin Shaelie. She is so cute with Alli.

This is Carson and Shaelie taking a time out for a hug! AHHhhhhh

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Upcoming events

1. Going to Washington for a week
2. Going to Austin this weekend
3. Piper Family reunion the middle of June
4. Finnegan wedding the end of June in Utah
5. Drive from Phoenix to Dallas for 4th of July week with kids.
6. Going to Sea World San Antonio with the Reeds and Dupre families.
7. The list gets more exciting for moment to moment, Ill keep you all posted.............................

Check this out

Check out Alli's one year pics on Melissa Fullmers blog. These are a preview, but so cute. I cant wait to see the rest....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The sight.

I have been recieving some calls concerning the cozy coupe that we found "fair and square" at the dumpster. I think it is pretty clear from these pics that this is indead a dumpster and anything around it trash.
Until there is a "missing" cozy coupe sign we will be keeping it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Great find!

This was awesome!!! James and I found this by the Dumpster. We stuck it in the shower and sanitized it. Alli loves it. Tomorrow I'm getting it a license plate that says "mini finny". James license says "Finny".