Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Alli got tagged by Carter Yeates

Alli got "tagged" but I dont have time right now so stay tuned!!

I love smiles

No joke

As I was on the phone with my mom saying how amazing it is that Alli only colors on paper I rounded the corner to this.... Colored pencil all over the wall. The straight lines are impressive though. Any suggestions on how to take it off???

Happy Easter

Alli was so cute at our neighborhood easter egg hunt. She was so excited about this one egg. Everyone else had tons of eggs. The competitor in me was making me scream "go Alli go!" but one egg was all she needs I guess.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First hockey game

This is Paul, LeeAnne, Gracie, Alli and me.

While James was out of town last weekend our friends Paul and Donna invited Alli and I to a hockey game. It was tons of fun, and a little embarrassing. Alli was totally entertained for the first half then wanted to run around the second. So as to not annoy the fellow fans with the unruly child I took her to the top to let her run around and get a hot dog, cheetos and a coke. On the way up the stairs I had my head down watching her climb the stairs and block her from flying pucks. I was almost there when I heard a man say" You and your daughter have just won sweetheart of the game!" I looked up with a dumb face like who is talking to me? A camera man and the announcer guy were right in my face and handed me a dosen roses. This all sounds nice until I look behind me and my daughter and I's big mugs are on the big four sided tv that is in the middle of the ice.! Then he proceeds to ask me questions like "what is your name?" "Your daughters?" I dont know why but at the time the questions seemed so hard, I think I said my name was Alli and Alli's name JoAnne. I felt so stupid. At this time I picked up Alli and was trying to walk off, but when I picked her up the crowd went AHHHHH! ( she did look so cute that night.) I cant remember what he said next because as he stuck the microphone to my mouth Alli slapped it and my answer was jacked up from her smack. I snached up the roses and ran up the stairs.
Every time I see our friends now they make fun and call Alli and I "sweethearts". Ahhhh..

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Im a sailor!

This was a super fun Saturday! I have not been sailing since I was a kid. James rented this boat on a really pretty lake in Southlake,Tx. We did not take Alli as to test the waters to make sure it was safe. We will take her next time because as you can see the conditions were not white squall.

our safety devices.? If I start to drown I want the lounger!

favorite toy

Alli has had this toy since she was a baby babe. She has found more ways to entertain herself with this one toy for months! The newest? Standing and jumping on it! Stay tuned for other ways to utilize this toy.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

For all those that hate laundry!

GO KISS YOUR WASHER AND DRYER! Seriously! When in Texas Alli and I have been taking our laundry to this fine place. I never knew how much I love my washer and dryer in Phoenix. I miss them. I try to pretend like Im in a movie or in New York to try and make it a little more glam..... It works for a second until no celebrities come in or the coin machine doesn't work and every other store for a block has a sign that says " We do NOT have quarters for the laundromat!" This is when reality hits and Alli and I have to go five miles to a bank to get a roll of quarters.
As you can see my little princess wants out of here too.


This is what happens with four girls! Im not quite sure how Ashlie decided to pop her head under my dress, but its dang funny. I wish Alli was in picture but maybe she did not want to be a part of her mother looking like an idiot!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sunday Barbecue

We had a fun Sunday BBQ at the Reeds. They have six little boys and another babe on the way. It is fun to see Alli with all the boys. She can hold her own.

One year shots

This was a tramatic day for me. For those who dont know, I have made my mom, cousin Steph, and friends take her to her past shots so I could be the hero. Today I had to hold my princess down and let two nurses stab her in each leg! I could not sleep the night before. All of this led to her crying more because I was holding her and when the doctor checked her heart rate! She didnt even cry for the shots and fell asleep in the car right after. All of you moms that said that it is not that bad were right. I guess you guys do know something. hehe

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Ive had a few people tell me I dont update fast enough! This blogging has become a lot of preasure! Well Our new adventures are swim lessons for Alli and lots of working out for JoAnne. I have not worked out for awhile so we joined a gym that is awesome. The indoor pool is perfect for Alli! Most of it is one to two feet deep so she enjoys running around. The first couple of times I took Alli to the play area so I could work out she did not last very long. At all!!!! The first time was 11 min. The next thirty. Then it has been hit and miss from there. Needless to say as soon as I drop her off I get on a machine and go as fast a I can. I probably look like a maniac, but I never know how much time I have.
James work is going good but even though we are here we still dont see him much except at night. Sometimes Alli is already in bed. It beats not seeing him for weeks though.
Last night we went to the pool and snuck in some friends. We had alot of fun and then went to their house for movie. They have two cute girls that Alli adores! It is fun to see our babies have friends.
Other than that Texas is great! Never thought I would say that but it is! The weather is insane. one minute it is sunny and Eighty the next snowing! Yes, Im serious!

Love all of you and Ill try and do better!