Saturday, January 31, 2009

My cute girls!

Nora and Alli are so cute. This is what we have been up to, sleeping and playing in buckets. I have gotten down the routine to get out the door. It is so much harder with two. There is twice as much stuff to take and it never fails that one or both of them poop their pants right before we go!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nora is one week old and Im exhausted!

Nora gets plenty of sleep
Papa and nora. he just got in to town today.

kate feeding Nora. She is such an eater. She wakes up on the dot every two hours and eats two to three ounces. Hungry girl!!
Alli talking to her sister. She is doing soo well with her. It makes me so happy.

What a gorgeous girl. She is so pretty and so sweet.
Alli and her cousin in the shark tent.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life is good!

My beautiful Nora louise Finnegan has arrived. She was born on New years eve at 7:33 pm. James and I couldnt be happier. And Alli surprising loves her to pieces.
Alli with her favorite dog.

Our garage and play room. Alli and her daddy play foos ball and it is so cute!
Miss Nora. She looks like Alli but has my eyes. Yea!
Beautiful Nora. She is such a sweet calm baby; Alli was a wild woman from the start. It is so neat that babies are all different.
At the hospital with Alli after Nora came to our family. We are trying to involve her a lot so she knows she is still so special.

First bath! It looks like the nurse is choking her.

Going in for the birth.

Alli and I at church in her pretty dress that she hates! I love it so I wrestled her in it.